Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I will tell you that impatience is going to be a huge stumbling block in your ability to create. Patience is not something any of us have or get instantly. It is cultivated and courted. I know that sounds funny but life, as I have learned, is a dance of letting go of my old ways and learning new. This all happens with out knowing what is going on but when I look back, I can see that is how it has gone. I see that each time I have learned something new, I got impatient that it did not create instant change. When I fell in a pile of ordinary human despair, giving up on my desire to have the change, my inner energy would bring me peace. That's when the change would begin. I have seen this cycle all along but never to the extent that I have understood it last night. I have been working on bringing me the ability to support myself. Now I have heard this before but I was reading again last night from Depak Chopra. He was saying that, the dance of what was and what is to come has to balance. I see that now, the energetic spin of the two hold each other in place. If it were not this way, you would implode with the new knowledge, not knowing how it fits into your life. I agree now, and understand this concept. I used to want a spontaneous awaking, but how would I deal with this with all the responsibility in my life? I know that creation gives you what is needed, and I know that I need to show the world that it can be done. You and I can be ordinary people, and live ordinary lives; working toward a higher emotional intelligence, still obtain it, and have the lives we live.
So life is a dance of what is and what is to come. Patience is the gentle thread that allows it to happen, knowing that the energy within will do all the work.

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