Thursday, April 21, 2011


There is only one form of selfishness that is not of this world, and that is the only one to have.
Selfishness is growing, since the 80s', we have become so worried about our aging, self development, and acquiring things. Yet, we have not moved on to the next step in evolution, selflessness, or selfishness for selflessness.  We have learned so much about mental health and we spend hours at the therapist and then tell our friends how life is going, always bad. This is the language, we communicate with, a mutual one up on another; who has it worse. Getting rights to sympathy for the latest trauma we have had to deal with.
Moving on to the next step of evolution in this growth of selfishness is that we understand we are here to serve others, regardless of our own wants. With this knowledge comes a selfish protection to ourselves in how we live out and protect our guidance. We also come to the understanding that we have to be selfish about our time and energy investments. Only devoting thought, which is creating, on our inner energy. Selfishness takes on a whole new meaning, and it does not have anything to do with what we get in return. The evolution of the mind, takes you in to understanding that thinking about inner energy is the power, creating takes to create.
Selfishness takes on a whole new meaning when we are selfishly protecting the inner energy, or the whole universe. Yes this is a form of protecting the whole, only guidance from the whole can be information that is best for all. So feel your inner self, live through it and have the strength to protect it selfishly.

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