Monday, April 11, 2011

Lower Standards

I have noticed a lowering of standards in our society. On television, the teens talk about not doing so much, or of doing a shoddy job so that the parents will do the work instead of expecting them to help. I was also thinking of how others tell me my kids are too much work, they should do more.
My next thought was that the parents of other generations did not do as much for their kids, so the kids had to do more. I like being present for my kids. I like spending my time and energy on them, and I think it is a good example of quality of life they need to look for in a partner, when they grow up. If their partner is not present and available for them they will have unhappy partnerships. They should understand that relationships take effort and devotion. I know that I do not want to lower my standards in relationships for the sake of my kids doing for others. I think I am living by example, to be dedicated to them, and show love in all I do.
I know in my heart that the energy I spend on others is the higher standard that all emotional beings should look and strive for. We are, by design, miraculous beings and feel the best when our lives are lived through this dedication. It brings out the best in others and myself when I strive for giving my best.

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