Sunday, April 24, 2011


Freedom of spirit is the ability to see yourself as an energetic being and not feel responsible for the restrictions that others live by. Freedom is a spiritual truth that we feel to our cores. Much of this freedom we know as our heritage is acted out in some negative way, energetically inflicting pain on ourselves and others. Inherently we know that we are free in spirit, yet learning to release ourselves in the physical world is the path of allowing our energy to free us of the lies of this world.
I see every day that those around me, and no one else is different, that the people in my life want me to live according to their views. Now I will admit they have a truth to some degree in there logic, but their logic is based on the physical world alone. It does not take into account that we are spiritual beings and have the energetic power to create anything we have been inspired to create. Is can be a great frustration, a lack of freedom in many respects. If you can choose to see this life energetic scenario as a choice, you can see that they are trying to get you to behave in their way so they do not have to grow in their emotional development. It is also an emotional development for you, and me, that we learn to see yourselves as part of this energy but removed from the limitations it has to offer, otherwise disconnect from this energetic lie society lives under.
Freedom comes when we see that we are strong enough to create our realities, knowing that we are part of the whole but not governed by it. We can live in a world that is at peace with what is and feel free of the limitations this world has to offer.

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