Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy Grail

I look back on my life and see that I was on a quest all this time to understand and define unconditional love. It was my proverbial holy grail. It has shaped and defined my life like no other thing or person has, and has made and broken my relationships. In the end I see it as the thing that has taught me the most about life and love, I would not change any of it. I understand more about a lot of life than most others do; but most of all I live it and have found peace in the practice of this path of love.
All people have the desire to learn this but it lays dormant because they do not know how to follow this primal urge or they do not trust it.  I am happy I did not give up, I now know the skills that can help many in this time of transition in the world.
Sometimes I see myself as a spoiled child over not having this love in my life, I have ignored and left to the wayside all the love that I did have in favor of having all of what I did not have. I know this is part of the quest. To know the knowledge and live it, to serve others with this information. I am sure that I had to go through all this to come out with the compassion and patience to teach and energetically help others.
There has entered into my life an acceptance I have never known; I am sure that I could not be an effective teacher without it. The past weeks I have felt an impatience to transform my life; yet I have wanted to trade that feeling for peace. I know that the peace is the only thing that can make me an effective teacher in this life. I am amazed, as usual, at how energy itself transforms my life. Just when I think there is no hope; in come's the transformation that I need to go through the next step in my life.
I know there is no real holy grail; yet I see that our thinking and peace with our inner self is the real holy grail of this life. All this takes is effort and devotion to your inner self.

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