Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hurt people; Hurt People

This rings in my mind as a truth. When someone is lashing out it is hard to remember they are lashing out from a point of pain. Their anger covers their vulnerability, yet if you dig deep enough, and asked why long enough, you would uncover that someplace in time they are stuck in a pain pattern and are overcompensating for the pain they have experienced.
We all live in these pain patterns, and do not even see them as the lens that we view the world through. They have the ability to twist our perceptions and bring down our families and friends. Yet all they are is phantom memories. They are an emotional trace that we could not process at the time of the experience and over the years these memories have gained interest at the rate of destroying our interpersonal lives. If we could see how we punish others for our perceived injustices; based on our past experience, we would implode with pain.
We can all recover from this pain, once we get a glance at the concept that we are pushing our own neurotic pain on others. This awakening is the opening that inner energy needs to correct your pain and refine the best in you. It can be over come just with the knowledge that you do not want to hurt others anymore. You do not have to spend years in therapy digging up the countless pain spots that added to and trigger the pain episodes that make you lash out.
After the hurt subsides, from an argument, see the pain in others. Have compassion for the worries and fears that rule there lives. We do not have to allow others to continue to hurt us, yet we can have compassion and distance ourselves from there pain. Some people live in a constant low grade pain they can not even recognize and they even think this is happiness, in some cases. I know people that live with this kind of pain and pass it on to generation after generation, they have lived like this and think it is happy, or the best they can get; I am not sure which.
I do not recommend you point this out to anyone, just keep it in your heart of knowledge  and live a better life for it. Knowing that others will hurt you based on there fears and worries takes out the pain of the wound they are trying to inflict. So, next time you are lashed out at; remember hurt people, hurt people.

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