Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Bird

A little bird came to grace our home yesterday. As all these birds that we get in the spring, I had little hope that it would make it through the night. I have a ten year old that loves animals, and every spring we have a tossed out wild bird that we care for.
I did not have my usual worries about theses things when I went to bed. I was thinking of all the rest we had in the past, and I said a little prayer. Something along the lines that it will be, "ok"either way and that if it was meant to be, let it live. Some how, I knew that that prayer was the power that was going to bring life to it.
I had forgotten about it in the morning and when I came down I heard a little peeping! There was a quiet happiness in my heart, and little thought went in to its survival, and morning feeding. As I was walking the dog, I felt strong this morning.  I realized that the background fear had left me, in some way. My mind is clear and I feel left with the gratitude I have been praying so much for the past few weeks.
I am in a spot of change again in my life, everything is a little unknown at this time. I knew for a few days now I needed something to fill my thoughts so my inner energy could do its magic. It seems, I have been sent my blessing; the energy, in form of a bird, to get me through this time.
I am so grateful and in awe of how life really works when you really start to understand it. Somehow as delicate as a hairless bird and as magical as miracles can be.

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