Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sometimes we say that someone hasn't suffered enough. This is a selfish kind of thinking that says,"we should be the judge of others pain and suffering." We are not able to judge anyone else's pain. We just can not know all the factors involved in someones else's grief or learning processes.
The kind of suffering I am talking about is the kind that comes through in the related and future dealing with the people and situation that we learn from. I am talking about when we make others suffer injustly over our own short commings and then expect them to know we learned from the action and consequence.
When we suffer we can learn. It is in the sufffering with our inner energy that we learn the true meanings for our choices and the results are that we approach the people with a sense of humility. I am not talking about humility that says that we are sorry and that we know our place in the pecking order because of our actions. I am talking about humbelness that says, "I know I have treated you unfairly and I am sorry, but I am an equal person and have learned." This kind of energy does not have to be spoken. This kind of energy is revealed in the patience of the learned person. This sort of humility has a space that allows the others around you to see that you have changed before they have to deal with you in an unprotected way. The energy speaks for itself. Energy always conveys to others your true motives.
Your inner energy wants you to allow it to suffer with it, this is the healing process that helps the energy itself to purify your choices so you learn from them. This kind of inner relationship and suffering is not about why we have to suffer it is about knowing how we make others suffer. It is a relationship that the energy itself uses the time to show you how you have hurt others and helps you feel whole and humble in the future dealings with all people. Suffering with your inner energy is a healing to make your life peaceful and whole.

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