Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We all have to transform our lives to be an effective teacher. Even if you are a school teacher you need to go to school and this process take you through a transformation. What we learn in a life time is how we act and how we act is teaching at all times.
All good and effective teachers know that they learn as they go. Life and teaching is a moving and energetic process and has to be open to energy so it can teach what is needed in the moment. If you do not learn from all of life you become a pom pass , egotistical teacher. All this does is make you an out cast. Knowing that you learn from all of life keeps you humble.
Humility is a sign of a great teacher, and if you are privileged to find a teacher on this path, look for humility. Or should I say sit and feel there humility, that is the true test of ones abilities, to feel there energy sincerity. All of what I teach or write is not something you can learn in books; it is something that you have to live, practice and exude.
Look for teachers that will live in the moment and teach you what you need to learn, not what they have decided you need to know. We are all human and have our own agendas; but some of us can sit and feel what is right to say in that moment. In the moment is what needs to be heard and learned.

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