Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spiritual Rule #1

The laws governing the spiritual world are as concrete as the physical rules of gravity. The first one is to stay in the present time. It is an easy concept, yet extremely hard to do. I will admit that you have to have an iron will, and extreme self discipline. All of this is helped along by your inner guide. Many say that I am very militant in my thinking. I know that that is what it takes to be good at something; discipline. Ask anyone that runs marathons, makes millions and those that obtain self consciousness; it takes discipline.
I have spent most of my life being undisciplined, and have had a rough life for it. I also know that as I have become more disciplined my mind, body and spirit have become more congruent. By congruent, I mean that they all work together. This has brought peace and a sense of knowledge that transcends all that I have learned.
The deeper you come to becoming congruent, the more you realize that you have to give up all thoughts that keep you from your present moment. What we realize is that we spend a lot of time correcting others and situations in our minds. What these thoughts are are a form of vengeance on others and the world. A reduced form of background, mind warfare we have grown to love because of our need to be right and prove this to others.
Complaining and wishing anything is other than it is will keep you form living in the moment. We have grown up to believe that what we see, feel and touch; or prove we are right, is of more value than our authentic selves. When we live in this world we are always subject to humiliation and pain, from retaliation of those we have overpowered in this level.
Being in the moment is our only true power. You can affect change from here and live a peaceful life. So use your will power to be in service to the present moment, you will have the power of the universe backing you.

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