Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love/Trap 2 and Ramblings

I need to add another layer to this blog, if you are following your inner guide, it is a guarantee that you will succeed. What I am trying to say is that, all of your life's endeavors are an energy pattern. This means that the pattern ends with the completed form of your inspiration.
The truth is that when we live from the place of peace that we are intimately connected with the energy within us, we know we have the power of the universe behind us. The worry of the physical world is what makes the things we want, or need take so long to materialize. It is the thought of all the worries that block or weigh down the energy that makes energy stop or slow down. This place of peace, that we feel has to be felt more that 80% of the time we are awake. This is the tipping point of energy, 80%. So thinking of all the things that can go wrong, or re-planning how you are going to do it, or wondering if you are right; are blocking the reality that you want to happen in your life.
The place of peace is felt, it is in the times we sit still and feel the energy within us that is the clear power that is working in us to transform the world. You do not have to sit for this to work, start thinking it is working in your life even when you are cooking, acting with kids, family and friends; feel it at times you are active, it will respond. When we have our own agendas, that is what we feel is the best for us, and maybe not the best for the universe, we can do the change but it may take longer. It is in letting go of how we think things should go that is the speed needed for quantum leaps of energy.
I have to say from experience that that place of peace comes with a not caring, and I do not mean, not caring about life; but a not caring about others opinions. You start to see that others opinions are based on their perceptions, and not reality; reality being the clear feeling of peace. This peace leaves you with the understanding that others can not see you as you are, they can only see you through the lens of how they think. Others will not see you with the beauty that is radiated from you, at times some will feel it and respond, but those close to you will miss it. They are busy seeing the problems of the past and how they see the moment, through a cloud of old thoughts. There is no longer a need to correct them for their misperceptions, the feelings within you will work out the details that are needed to maneuver you into the place you need to be free of those perceptions. You live from the knowledge that their perceptions can not hurt or effect you any longer.
Your inner guide will bring you the peace that you need to transform your world. It is the reason we are here and the power to create we all seek. It has always been here and will always be, and all we have to do is relax and feel it working. Remove yourself from your ordinary fears.

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