Monday, May 23, 2011

Right Action

You can start the guided path to happiness and peace by right action. This is a conscious effort to think of giving in all of your actions. Training your brain to think in right action is easy, one interaction at a time. Every time you act, talk or react, stop and think "is this a positive action on my part?"
Every thought, and then action, creates karma, or an energy response. So know that you are consciously creating a positive world by censoring your thoughts first. Make the choice to give in all actions. When you give you are using the law of giving, this is a fast way to joy with your inner energy. When you go to the store, everyone you look at, think "Thank you for being in this space with me." You are creating a world of gratitude and love. If the time is right, say something, feel what is right in the moment.
Right action is in the moment, and keeps you centered in the moment, purposely creating positive energy or karma.
Even if you are at the point that you can not understand how this works, try it. At the end of the day you will look back and see that it helped your day go more smoothly. It may even create a great sense of joy when you do it. It does for me. The true trick is to integrate it into the actions between yourself and family or close people. This is the true place of karma.
The true benefit of right action is that over time you develop a true, solid sense of self esteem. This self esteem is built on your inner self and can not be taken, removed, or cut down by any others. You inner guide will show you that you are a beautiful being and a peace, through right action.

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