Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When we feel ourselves as anything other than our energy within; we are just a body heading for death. There are studies, you can read some of Depak Chopra's work, when you think of anything other that the spirit, you are accelerating you aging process. Depak Chopra writes beautifully about this in; Reinventing the Body, Resurrection the Soul, one of this latest books that describes the testing science has done on meditation and the aging process.
Your purposeful attention to your inner self brings the vastness of the universe into your cells through out the day, separating and giving air; or spirit to your body and aging. Thinking of your inner guide is not only great for your mind; creating openness of thought and options, but good for your body also. The access of the spirit into and through your mind helps spirit to come in to your being and keep your body healthy and rejuvenated through out the day.
On the other hand, thinking of the physical world is a narrow path. These thoughts only allow inner energy to enter through the work you have on your mind. If you are thinking about the latest argument you had or problem at work, you have virtually cut off access to your body health. If you are sick, or in pour health you are thinking of the pain or spreading disease. This way of thinking only accelerates the growth of you illness or problem. Sending the full power of your inner energy to a problem is a dangerous solution; it is sure to keep the problem in place or accelerate the growth of it.
Know you are a whole being living in this world with the other things around you. All the things, people and situations are fear to be a part of your experience and growth; spiritually. Do not consider them a choice in the thoughts you think, they are here to show you a way into you inner self. Think of all those people and things around you as energy props, the ones you want to stay around you, be grateful the others look past them.
The choice to think only of you inner energy self is the only path to a long, healthy and peaceful life.

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