Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guidance Appropriate

You will get guidance according to your level of understanding. As your levels change so does your guidance. Energy works with you, so you can follow it, but it does require the best of you. That means that what it asks you to do may be just out of the realm of what you think possible; or that it is an automatic response to help another, something that if you gave it thought, you would not ordinarily do.
At different levels of your understanding you will be open to different options that you could not do before you understood more. The higher you ascend in you relationship with your inner guide; the clearer your peace with your guidance will be.
So when you start this path, you may want to be a help to others in some way; then as you learn that path you realize you would be better at a specialty, just outside of what you thought. Now you learn more and become more personal with your inner guide; you will realize you want to help in a deeper way. All this is learning specific, it is according to your level of emotional maturity. It is also according to a clearer level of relationship with your inner energy.
This evolution of your needs and service to your inner energy is a path that ever refines the quality of service you can provide to the world.
Most of us start out wanting some form of recognition for our efforts and as we progress we realize that it is the quality of service that matters most. I always wanted to help others in my life. Recently, I realized that I do. I just help, quietly, those around me to be the best that they can be. My inner guide has taught me a lot and I know that I have not had a lot of time to help others the conventional way, in the public work place. Yet I see the continuity that has developed in what I have learned and what I want has transformed. At one time I wanted to be appreciated and well known for all that I know about spirit and psychology. Now, I want to practice quietly and heal those in spiritual crisis. I also see now that I am doing that in some form and that it is a true gift to the world, even if it is not recognized as such.
Hang in there and know that as you become a better energy being, you will have better things to bring to the world. You will evolve and move in a better direction. So, do not be frightened of your changes. Your guidance will always give you challenges that are appropriate for your level of gifts to the world.

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