Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What You Want

As I have gone along I have realized that if I want something I have to think about it. This is a backwards way of thinking because I was taught to think of what I did not want; in hopes of eradicating it. I am sure that a lot of people were taught this about life and I can see that it has brought a lot of pain to my life too. So what I came to understand was, you do not have to, not think of the other things, this would be imposable and not allow change; but to be happy with what you do like. Now as most of us go there is a lot we do not like! That is the key, or path though, to retrain you thoughts to look at the things you like. I have started to do this in a comical way, I press the virtual "like" button, it seems to have a space in my mind that creates what I need to think different so I can recreate my life.
I have come to understand that I also reflect the things I like, or want to keep in my life by spending time and thoughts on them, or the thought of them. All this has given me a fear deeper sense of gratitude and enjoyment than before. There is a depth of love that I feel flowing from me to all the people and things I "like". Some how I have come to know this as my emotional currency that keep what I want in place and does not hold it hostage. It is a great feeling to love and keep things this way, there is no pain involved in the coming and going of the return energy. I feel infinitely rewarded in this kind of love. I also know it is the only way to build a life that can't be taken from me again.
I have tried in many ways to be happy with the world as it was taught to me... and failed. I also see all others failing a those methods too. I want to create a world out of something real and solid that will not pain me so much. I have found that my inner energy is the only path to create a world that I want, out of love.

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