Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We have a deep need to reason, but reason is not in our best interest. We seem to think that we can reason; the reality is that we can not. Reasoning takes our energy and we need it to heal our lives. We also can't reason because we do not have all the information we need to see the whole of the world and how our circumstances fit into it. Our small thinking in a vast universe is not enough information to lead us to a satisfying conclusion. We also need to remember we are reasoning on a different level than the circumstances develop and happen. We are trying to fit our logic, based on how we logic, on to a universal logic that is able to make things happen for the better of the whole.
Now I do believe that for a brief time we should look back to understand how we added to or attracted the problems in our lives; but never try to reason. Let go of the need to reason on this level. It is like asking your inner energy why is the world doing this to me? The energy can not answer that; it is a selfish question that implies that the world does things just for you; it does not. You are part of a whole that helps all those around you; even to the point of smiling at a clerk in the store, or not. You effect people just driving in your car, because your thoughts are the energy that they feel, as they drive.
Reason should be reduced to help you move in the direction that will help you understand we are connected to the energy within all of us. It should be the logic that helps you methodically reason a thread in your thinking that connects all you do to the energy within you; this is your power. Tell yourself that everything happens for the best; you may not believe it at first. You inner energy will show you how it is so. What you cling to as a thought, even if you do not believe it at first will work its way through your energy system until you know it. That is how you learned all the things you know now, even if they are not true, you believe them. Re-train your brain to think of things that conserve your energy and help you use its power to the fullest.
Reason is not a place to waste our energy, it is a dead-end road when it comes to energy. If you want to take advantage of your highest potential, use reason as a tool to unify your thinking. Energy will have a clear path to healing the world, and you, if you use your reasoning skills in behalf of the whole.

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