Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letting Go

One of the things I learned in the beginning of my book learning was that we choose other things that are against what our guide tells us. This is a core error that makes our lives miserable. I, of course, did not know how to stop this error from occurring, but wanted to only follow my inner energy. I was full of hope six years ago when I found out about this choice. What I did not know was how long it would take for my inner guide to refine my thoughts so that I could hear my inner energy. There was a process of learning all the ways in which I have blocked my intuition. Then a process of learning all the reasons that I will not listen to my guidance, or ignore it for my own choice. Now I have become conscious of all my behavior. That is the name of this game, to become conscious, or it is not choice. Choice only comes from the knowing of all the options and the knowledge of the true motives behind our actions.

Here I am at the crossroads of letting go of my agenda, wants, wishes, whatever you call it. In the end we let go in favor of the choice to follow the inner energy in all we do regardless of our own agendas. I am in a spot now that I am making a life choice and do not want to put myself in the hands of my smaller thinking self. I want to cut ties of all I know in this world and let the remainder of my life choices be guided by my inner energy. We all have our comfort zones in our lifetimes, yet I know now that I am just an energy being that is here to live out the energy that runs through me, creating a better world for the whole. All is a gift to us and I have to treat it as such, now that I know this in my heart. Every decision is meant to help the whole, not just me. I am happy about all of this. It brings joy to my heart to help the world.

I guess I am saying that my new comfort needs to come from the feeling that I get from following my inner guide, not anything that I knew or had in this lifetime. I have been here many times before and my inner guide has helped me through all my little letting-gos, but now I am at the point that I have to let go of all the things that I thought would give me comfort and peace. I do have a sense of peace and comfort from my relationship with my inner energy, I just am letting go of all the physical things that I thought would bring me joy. They do not bring me any joy anymore,so I am letting go of the thought that it will. I have a joy in knowing that I am interacting with energy that is deeper than anything I find here.

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