Friday, May 13, 2011

Touch Our Lives

The people and situations of our lives are supposed to touch our lives. There is an energy that is here to transform us, it is in the details of our lives. We are not meant to effect others and walk away, although that can touch your life too. Yet the family we have is the hardest to learn form; those are the details that touch us the most.
I live with my mom, and she does not want to be effected by my life. She is set in keeping me at a distance. So I will not make changes in her life. This is nice, yet we never grow this way. We never come into our fullest potential. The only way be become the best is if  we learn new ways, and others are the carriers of that new ways.
When you hold others away from you, you are energetically saying they are not worthy of emotional investment. You are wanting them to see you as the best, because they have not succeeded in anything worthy of learning. Now you may think this, yet it is very untrue. Energy collides our lives to learn, it is in perpetual motion to better itself, i.e. us, the energy beings. If you refuse to learn, it brings on disease and premature death, you are blocking energy, by refusing to grow. This block slows down the energy frequency of your cells and then causes illness.
Others are not supposed to think you are the best; you are supposed to think they are the best. Life is supposed to be a mutual admiration society, with humility injected to keep us humble about the gifts we bring to the world. The next time someone upsets you, ask your inner energy how you are supposed to see the situation. What about the exchange should transform you?

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