Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Guided Path

Energy send you all the tools you need to advance on the path of understanding it. Energy is only good and we want and need to see the energy, or good in all things. I have been asking for help in this area of my thinking for some time now. Yesterday, I got the answer.
I went to an Autism Awareness meeting and talked to a behavior analyst. She reminded me of something a had learned a long time ago; to only talk when you appreciate something. I knew this and had done it for a few years when my kids were little and over the years, and through a harsh divorce, I had forgotten how wonderful this thinking is. Now that I have the mindset I see that I am being guided to finish my thinking by practicing what it takes to become the energy being I need to be. I am so grateful to have come around full circle. It is the reasoning I needed to have to save my sanity in this life.
Many people say "what about bad behavior?" Well, you do not have to tolerate it, you just do not have to discuss it either. We make the correction in a non-judgmental way and promptly tell the other person that we are happy they are doing a good job the minute they change what they are doing. You have to learn to compliment all that others do that is good, even the littlest things, and quietly correct the rest.
So simple, we all correct others with every move or word, whether we admit it or not, we do. So why not correct or reward others in a conscious way?
What I have found and what I knew before is that I feel so much more love in my heart when I am looking for the good in others to compliment them. I feel good that I am choosing this path and that I am helping them to see the good in themselves. I am so grateful that the path is guided along the way. It is so nice to know I am not alone.

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