Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cry For Me

Have you ever started to think of someone or something and just had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to start crying? Do you just cry, without thought, without judgment? Or do you think that they need your help? Do you think of the last bad interaction that you had with them and cry for how it turned out, or how they have hurt you? Energy itself will ask you to cry for those that have hurt you. When you consciously ask to heal those that have hurt you, you are instantly healed yourself. Energy does this as the fastest way to heal you. The only problem is that we do not want to help those that we think have hurt us, so it takes longer to heal.

Did you now that you can cry for someone else? Did you know that that could heal their pain and that, in turn,  heals the collective energy pain? That is the highest form of healing; to know that you were overwhelmed by the pain of humanity, and that your tears were shed for the healing of the whole.

I have a little bird that has survived in my care. In the quiet times, I feel the magic that is contained in its existence. I am in awe that it is alive, but on one occasion I felt a deep pain for the mother that lost it. I have seen how birds and animals look and stand over there dead babies. There is a collective energy that is present in all living things that is as powerful as creation itself. To sit quietly and witness it and feel it brings awe into our world.

When I felt the pain of this little bird and the pain of its mother, I had an overwhelming sense of wanting to start crying. I knew that I could cry for them. This is no small task, You have to be able to go in and feel the pain, to allow the tears to heal and to walk away with the knowledge that you have just healed a small part of the collective pain that is growing in all the world.

There is much pain between mother and child for many of millennium and it is this that can help make others pain bearable enough to live another day.

Knowing we are here to let this energy pass through us and heal it on the way is a gift that will transform the world. It is the outlet that the energy itself uses to make life bearable for the people that are not able to be conscious in this life. So, cry. Do not judge.  Just know that you are whole and that you are making the world a better place for it.

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