Monday, May 2, 2011

Shadow Side

The shadow side of your life is when you act out of your ego's need for control. We all do this, I would venture to say, on a regular basis. It is when we have a little disagreement, or big one, and we need to prove to the other we are right or that they are as bad as we were, if we did something wrong. It is when we bring up all the things that the other person has unjustly acted out on us. A shadow is the dark side of the real you; it is unforgiving, angry and explosive. It is also the other end of the best of you.
Our negative behavior is the opening to the best of us. Each of us is an energy system that has fears that run our lives and make problems in our lives until we start to see those patterns and question, "why am I fearful in this area of my life?" When we start to question, we either stick with the answer, believing in our current limitations, or we grow our inner self and rise to the occasion.
Here is an example. Pride, or humiliation, is one of the biggest reasons to argue on the planet. Many of us get offended and hurt at the drop of a hat with this one. Pride can make us go after another like a rabid dog, to defend and speak our side of the story. We hold on to offenses and even pass then on to other generations in order to punish and get back at those that we see as hurting us. Pride separates us from others so that we can justify our worst behavior, and allows us to focus that behavior on who we think hurt us.
Now the light side of pride is reverence, reverence unites us in the wholly truth that all is one. Reverence is the best of our potential in this world, it allows us to serve humanity, and all of life with a gentle kindness that emanates equality, which the opposite of humiliation. Reverence is the quiet unification within our minds that we are all one and should all be treated with love and kindness.
Shadows are the way we act out our lives until we are grow emotionally and move into our light. Shadows create the most destruction in our lives, breaking down relationships, families, and nations.
We can overcome our shadows if we look to our inner energy for unification of our lives, bringing our spiritual side to the front of our being.

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