Friday, May 27, 2011


I admit I grew up being told to work first and enjoy later. This has been my motto and work ethic all my life. In my younger days it worked. I had time to enjoy at the end of the day. Now that I am older there is always something else to do and I have children that have an endless supply of requests that stream through there mouths. I do for them because on a cosmic level we are all here to serve one another. At the end of the day I see I did not enjoy. I zoned out, trying to get to the enjoy part.
It has recently come to my attention, through revelation, that I am missing all the "enjoy" parts of life. I came to see that the enjoy is in the thoughts we have as we do all the rest of life. I clean a lot of poop, laundry, dishes and dinner, all with little or no help, with requests for my attention all the while. I started to realize it was the gratitude in all this mess. I was missing, and that came to me a few days ago.
I started to see the true miracle, or preciousness of it all. That these people, places and situations would not be in my life if it weren't for the grace or miracle that holds them there. Think of it! All the energy that is expended in connecting and correlating all of life! That energy has to hold together tiny cells and help us breath, digest, move, walk, talk and help the flowers grow, the sun to come up, the rain and it does all this for all the world. What a true feet of organizing power and cooperation.
I started to understand that I will not be able to enjoy life that same way ever again, yet I can enjoy it on a whole other level. I can see the miracle in it all and understand that the live around me is a true blessing. It is held in place for the true joy in life and it is a true joy to see it now. I will enjoy life more now that ever because I do not have to wait for the end to appreciate it.

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