Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excellent Parenting

There is no one thing in parenting that makes you the best, but a few things can make you excellent. The first is not to be preoccupied, you need all your thought energy on the kid you are with. They will then feel that you are with them and know you think they are special. This is the first step in healthy self esteem. Also, when your thought energy is clear, you can make better and calmer decisions. Being present is one of the best gifts you can give to your child, and to the world for that matter. It also allows you to be happier, and joy around a child is another important thing. When kids see you happy they think you are happy to be with them, and this is an esteem building block. Happiness is a learned skill, not all of us had it in our childhoods, so we did not learn to value having it. One of the best skills you can teach is happiness and the primary way we teach is through living it.

Those are the two things I feel are that are deeply important. There are others too, but the others seem to come when you are present as a parent. Devotion, I say, is third in line. Not many kids get this anymore. I didn't get it when I was young and I learned by example to be a very selfish parent in the beginning. When I started watering my seed energy of excellent parenting, I saw a lot of the things I was doing as counterproductive to my true values.

Using the skills of watering the seed energy within you, helps water the seed energy of that kind in all aspects of your life. So when you decide to become devoted to being an excellent parent, that excellent seed grows you into an excellent person in all parts of  your life. You become a better parent, lover, friend, child, and citizen of the world.

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