Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I look back at my life and see that I only have one true friend. We have not always been friends and it has been an on and off friendship. Friendship is not what I thought it was as a child. I grew up thinking it was what you did for others and what they did for you, because that was the example given to me.  It is so much deeper, and I was not always the best of friends. When this is what you think of it, you start to expect too much in return. True friendship is the energy of the love you put behind what you do, not what you do.

I will admit I married this friend, but never lost site of the friendship. When I divorced him, in 2005, I told our friends that I just wanted my friend back. It was one of the best seeds I planted in my life. Even though we have been through custody issues, I always kept sight of the fact that it was better to treat him with loving friendship than to argue. Even In the times I did not feel very loving, I always signed our letters, texts, and emails with "Love, M." I wanted to honor the underling intention of my care even in adversity. It has been many years now and our lives have mellowed out.  There has developed a wonderful energy behind all our dealings, kind of a mutual admiration society. I am so grateful that my seeds of intention grew and blossomed in this area. I see how it has taught me to be a better person in all ares of my life.

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