Monday, February 28, 2011

Watering Your Seeds

Many times we get angry and forget our seeds of intention. I have a friend that wants very much to water the seeds of intention for us to get together and have a relationship. His efforts have been rooted in intention, but every time he thinks his efforts are not paying off, he gets angry. As a gardener does, you have to plant the seed in the sun, water it with affection and knowing. This knowing is a form of energy that feeds all things in life. It is the knowledge that life is energy and that if the seed you planted is meant to grow, it will. If you dig your seed up and yell at it; tell it that it is growing in the wrong direction and withhold your love it becomes a stunted plant, or byproduct of your time and effort. Eventually the very thing you are trying to nurture will die, from lack of love. We get angry and feel justified, that we are right and the other is wrong; we lose our initial seed of intention. The seed does not receive our energy or our thoughts. Now we start to water the seed of "needing to be right", rather than the person or thing we love and want to improve on.

Now, we all have things that we want to improve on in life, so don't get upset, I am not belittling this fact. What I am saying is that energy works on different rules than we do. You have to work on its terms. Whatever the problem is, you have to give the opposite to the problem. So, if your partner does not help you around the house, you have to help him, and at the same time water the seed, or thought, of love. Or, you can do the work yourself, but you have to think of it as the help and love you need. Think of the work you are doing as extra energy from the energy pool, that you are getting what you need, and then thank that same energy for your partner. Even when we don't feel loving or happy about our lives, our thoughts are working an energy magic deep in the soil of our lives. So put on your thought blinders and see your garden with rows of what you need. On the days when you can't muster the idea that your garden is growing good things, tell yourself it is anyway.

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