Saturday, February 19, 2011


Your thoughts are energy, and maybe you have heard that before, but they are the real energy of change. Have you ever done something and your thoughts were so happy, say go to a restaurant: you had a great night, loved it, and were happy with the people. Then another time you are in a bad mood; Friday night you decide to go back with a friend a few weeks later. You and your friend talk about the bad week and end up having a bad night? Your thoughts created the reality of both.

Well here is another aspect of this, I have had money in my life and not. Yet I have always had food. I love food. I love food for how it nurtures us, and so I love it for how I can use it to nurture others. My mom is a TV dinner mom, and in high school I dated an Italian who had great Sunday dinners. I soon saw how food talks to your soul. Something I had not learned as a child, but saw in Sunday dinners at his house. Needless to say, I have always known I loved and nurtured those around me through food. I love to cook and even if I have no money I will feed someone, or share food in some way, knowing it is a way of abundance.

Thinking of loving something, or people through something is an outlet for energy to run through you. How you think of something is how the outcome will turn out. When I cook for others I am happy, I sing, laugh with the kids. It is so joyous and I know people like my food because it is love. I nurture their energy with my intention and devotion, and they linger for friendship.

Now I have seen my mom cook a large family meal; she complains it takes too much work, while she is cooking. She cooks out of cans and then announces at the meal that it only cost her so much money. The food is mediocre, and family leaves early. She makes meals out of obligation and the energy in the food is obligation. No one feels loved and nurtured by the food and it is not a joy.

Know that all your thoughts have an impact, energy is flowing at all times, pay attention to where it is going.

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