Saturday, February 19, 2011


I could write forever on money. It is a make it or break it deal for most people. Money is the determining factor for most people when it comes to following their intuition. This thing I call energy is coming to you all the time, but we the people haven't learned what it means to the energy world, or how it works in our lives. So when we get the information, we say, "No, I can't do that," or "No, I don't have the money." We do not realize that if we follow this energy, it will provide you with the money, tools, or time you need to complete the task. Now you learn to tell the difference between an ordinary thought and inspiration with practice, but I can tell you that the energy itself will turn an ordinary thought, or self-motivated agenda, into a higher purpose if you allow it. So if you make a mistake, you can transform it.

So here is the story. I got involved in this barn deal, the one I mentioned yesterday. Well, it was to help the guy, and maybe a little too much. So, do you see the energy agenda? Now none of us know when we have these agendas. But when it starts to bring thoughts of upset, like when I was upset that he never called me, not even to talk about the animals, I had to step back and ask what my agenda was. So for the first month or so I was a little sad, along with having no friends because I had just relocated.

I realized through dedication to my inner energy that I would help the animals even if I never talked to this man again. So, there was a day or two that it took for this to set in and then I started to enjoy the animals. It became my dedication to love them and walk with them, to bring love in that day that they may never have had before. Then it became a joy.

Ok, well about the money thing. So I don't have any now, and I need food for them. So I tell him I need food today, creating a little chaos in his life. I also said, "Can I take the animals to auction?"

He says, "No, the market is down, I AIN’T selling now."

Who says “ain’t” any more? Ok, that’s not nice...anyway... LOL. You see what I mean? The energy of money will do strange things to you. People fear it so much. It will cost him more money, stress, and hurt more people and things, just for the fear of not having it.

I asked this guy to bring food, three bags of various kinds. He brought one third of a bag of dog food. I also asked him to clean out the stall of one dog, a trouble dog. He did not do it. He said he was running late. Now the energy is such, at this time in his life, that he needs the money for other things and his time for other things. This is creation, intuition talking through disaster. Yet he is not listening. This energy wants what is best for you, and helps you narrow your life down to the few things that bring you joy. Listen to it.

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