Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seed Energy

We all contain energy of all things. Even when we don't use the skills, we have the ability to use and hone them and become proficient at them. Everything we do uses the strength of this seed energy. What you get good at is what you have practiced, so you have grown that seed. You can learn anything new, by believing in the energy within yourself that can assist you to learn.

So when your spouse is sitting on the couch and you have a million things that need to be done, he is watering his seed of selfishness. Now, do not get mad. You get mad because the other side of that energy is that you feel that you are not worthy of respect. It is a common theme, that makes people mad, but the seed of generosity needs to be watered in both of you. So you grow your generosity seed, even if you do not feel it for awhile. Your intention is the energy that creates growth in the seeds. Slowly you start to feel generous even when he does nothing. But the energy is still working, and energy is in all of us, so it is talking to him even if you are not. Your energy creates an urge in him to help, and as your intention increases and becomes proficient, his urge to help overcomes his need to help himself.

We are all vast and strong beings, so when someone says they are tired and can't help, it speaks to us on many different energy levels. First, your core energy knows you are strong and that not helping is wrong; it doesn't honor the energy itself. Second it is disrespectful to you that they leave you with all the work, it does not honor the seed energy that your partnership was a joint venture. Honor is a big rule with energy. It can only flow through you, unencumbered,  when you honor it. So the energy itself needs your devotion, honor, and loyalty. They all work together.

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