Thursday, February 17, 2011


Did you ever have your world turn into a disaster? I am watching a barn for a friend. He has allowed me to care for this barn for four and a half months. Now I have reassured him that this is ok, but I have no resources to buy food for the animals. I do call him some times for food but most of the time I have gotten food from friends and borrowed money for feed. I have grown to love these animals and want them to have better homes. They live in poor conditions; even though I clean the stalls, I have no money for bedding. I know that they need more time and money, and I have tried to address this with this man. He does not call me and the only time I talk to him is by texting.

I am sure he does not have the resources to feed them or care for them the way they need to be cared for. Now, my intent was to relieve his energetic pain of this burden during this life crisis. We all have those moments when we bite off more than we can chew and then the energy creates more problems, and our lives shift again and we can't finish what we started. So my intent to help was to provide him the time he needed to stable himself and then move the animals on so they can have the home they need and he can start over again, on a stable foot.

Now here are the different layers of energy: He does not know this is what is going on, that the energy itself is pushing him to let go. He wants something but is not willing to devote to the energy to get it. When you allow the energy within you to bring what you want, you become devoted to the energy and the thing. Your gratitude for the energy bringing the stuff binds it to you. But when your gratitude fades, the time is to move on. Some people that do not know this energy rule will cling to things and create disaster, upsetting all around them. The energy itself is the creator of all things, so it is trying to move the things out of your life. It does it in gentle way or a chaotic way.

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