Friday, February 25, 2011


Things are stuff we want, have, or desire to happen; but all of it has to happen in this world or the people around us don't consider us successful. The flip side of this is that we get those things through not-so-upstanding means, and no one respects us for what we have. I have been, for all intents and purposes, without a suitable home since my divorce in 2005. I have had homes, but they are not where we, as a family, want to be. They have either been controlled by others or of the wrong size. It is a constant thought in my mind that stability is what a home creates for me and my family. I remind myself that stability is a seed I had to learn to grow in myself. I sometimes think stability is a lost virtue in this society. We all want it and it speaks to, and of, our spiritual, energetic lives, but valuing it is not something we seek. I have created a stable home life. At one point I realized it had to come from me, that I had to give this to myself and my kids. I became calmer, kinder, and solidified my inner world so I was not so inconstant in my outer world. I have not gotten a home in the outer world yet. I keep reminding myself that it is a representation of stability and comfort to the soul, planting my seeds of physical stability.

I do have a family member at this time that has created a home, but I would not call it stable because if it were not for me, there would not be much love in it. She has obtained this home by choosing to live in poverty all her life. She is very proud of this, and expects all around her to respect that, and live this way too. This is what I mean about when you obtain things through not-so-stellar means, no one respects it. It does not speak to you as an energy being, to live this way, just to have things. Energy is abundant, there is nothing that is without it, so why go without to get what you need? You can use your energy for all sorts of things, but not all means are worth you efforts. The things of life, that are stable, come because you have used your energy in the right place.

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