Saturday, February 26, 2011


In a cosmic way, we all fit together as a puzzle. We all have situations in life that we wish would just go away. I call these energetic holding patterns. Some of us work through our preconceived notions of how life is supposed to be in order to let go of these holding patterns. In the end, I think we all struggle with the last question;"Why won't this go away?", or "When will this end?... I have worked through this!" This is true, but the deeper thought is that energetically, we fit together in a puzzle, and your pain fits into others lives also. I must add that it is never just one other person you affect either. There are many, and they need to learn also. There is also a collective whole that is part of your energy system, and if you are oppressed in any way, that is also an outlet for reform on a larger scale. The truth about using energy is that you have to have faith in your every fiber, that you have to use your energy seed to retrain your thoughts to know this energy is helping at all times. There have been many before us that have spent the time in contemplation of this and have lived these truths and had successful lives. Einstein said "There are two ways to look at life; as if it is all a miracle or nothing is a miracle."  He was right, there is no sitting on the fence with this one, you either use your willpower to believe or you don't, but either way it is, and that energy will teach you that perception if you let it. The average person doesn't see that perception, because they just haven't put forth the dedication and devotion to the energy itself. You cannot be without this energy, it is the very life in you and all around you. Energy is what holds all the world together and that in itself is a miracle. When feeling down think of how your puzzle piece fits in to those around you, and be grateful that you are part of the energy that is making the world a better place. Seeing the world like this also brings peace, then your energy relaxes you and then you flow with healing energy. It is so nice to be a puzzle piece that heals the world!

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