Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guided Way

We all are born with energy to bring into this world and have our lifetimes to learn it and understand it. What I mean by this is an energy pattern that is an outlet for the common good. Everything is an energy pattern, this has been proved by quantum physicists. One of my energy patterns is unconditional love, I did not understand this until I was going through my divorce from my husband. Then I understood why I was so unrelenting on the subject of love. We all have these energy patterns, and they work together to form the quality of the energy we are supposed to give to this earth. So unconditional love is the strongest guide in my life, it clouds all of my relationships and guides the quality of responses that I have.

The highest, form of this love is to love itself back, and through that you become a pure vessel of love for all energy of the world. Loving love itself completes the circle. You can find your energy patterns by looking at your behaviors. In the beginning I got in a lot of trouble with love, I loved for the wrong reasons and loved the to the wrong extent. Love fills a need in the moment and moves on. Your energy patterns will have this in common too. They are the places that you have made a mess of life, but the core reason you got involved was from a pure standpoint.

Rescuer energy is the same, in that you burn out fast. All of your energy is focused on helping the cause that you are attracted to. Yet, as you go along helping, you get caught up in the fact that the perpetrator is a problem. Then you start to use your energy for anger toward the perpetrator. Now your energy is moved away from the initial cause, leaving you drained. When you use your energy for anything but the energy pool you lose it, because you are no longer completing the circle. The energy you use for this world disconnects you from the guide and cuts off vital life energy.

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