Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full Measure

Life is a full measure, you need to feel it and live through the feeling. This feeling engages you, it takes your thoughts in a direct way. This means you think about life, not just react to what you see.
The feeling that I am talking about is the feeling that you get when you are someplace and start to feel someone looking at you; if that person is looking at you, you feel good. If that person is looking at you with anger you feel bad; or fearful. Either way this is the feeling of heightened energy. Most of the time it we notice it when we are feeling attracted to someone, the problem with this is that we reduce it to a sexual feeling. That means that we engage with another based on out true being; seeing their inner spirit, feeling it and then reduce them and ourselves to a sexual being. We as humans experience our inner self first in this way, as sexual beings; this is the first step in feeling our inner energy. The problem is that his world does not have a true understanding that the first feeling is a sensual feeling. Sensual is the essence of our true being. Falling in love is the first days of relating through our true inner being; that is why it is so powerful. The problem is that we have assigned this feeling to sexuality and then we start to see the other person through the physical; because sexuality is physical.
We do not have a language in this world yet for this feeling, or a true understand of how to live through this process of our inner energy. There are many of us that have started to live it and want to help others to live a full life, the only path is to experience this feeling, on a more that half bases.
As you start to practice this feeling and bring it into you life, it teaches you all the ways you used to see are wrong. The way you used to relate to it are hurtful and destructive.
When you live through it you become it, and willingly let it live through you. Life then becomes the full measure of the experience of feeling, being the true you.

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