Friday, June 17, 2011


Resurrection is an energy pattern that we all go through during our lives. We do not feel it on most levels though. It happens every time we learn something new and this reality replaces our old thinking. This reality can be felt acutely when you disconnect from a collective belief pattern, like getting mad at someone and moving away from them. Seeing another perception and understanding them for what they are and then understanding that reality is not who you are; changes you thoughts on who you were. This lets in a new reality of yourself and then you are resurrected as a new person. Energy then comes in and grows your cells and spiritual body so that you become the new perception.
I have been learning and studying all my life about the world spiritual masters, this energy has shaped and overrode all the decisions that I have made in my life. It has been the primary way I related with all people and how I have raised my family. I was given the gift in my life to be rejected by almost all the people in my life, family and friends. This was a painful process as I lived through it, yet it has repeatedly left me with the need to look to my inner energy for a self sustaining relationship.
Resurrection energy in the end brings all that back, it transforms your perception to leave you with the truth that you are that energy and then all those people can return. They just return free of any feelings of resistance. I have had that prevailing feeling in the past few days. An open feeling of grace, and love. Despite the friction in my current home I know that in the end all this will fade. My mom will melt into the love I have for her. The reality that my inner self has created, is the one I have been training for and striving for all my life, an so I feel reborn.
I feel as though I've been reborn, as I no longer see the events in my life as I used to. My reaction to those events have also changed. I welcome the light of my inner energy as it guides me down the path of conciousness.

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