Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Acquiring Energy

We are energy beings first, that means that we need energy to survive, grow and thrive. So we must acquire energy as our primary nutrients. Now I will say that this world does not teach you how to do that, it is part of growing and learning. You do it through your relationship with your inner energy. This primary relationship is the way we live, and if we neglect it we are abusive, yes that is a strong thing to say but it is true.  Abusive people keep the patterns of abuse alive and well through there way of acquiring energy. They teach this form of acquiring energy through there abuse.
Now let me explain, we all have to have energy, it repairer's and keeps all our cells and functions of every aspect in our lives going. As children we learn that we share energy, through energy plays with the members of our tribes (family). Now as we grow we are supposed to learn that we start to form a relationship with our inner self; this relationship will take us away from our family, if we do it right. Now most families do not want us to leave, out grow, or become smarter that them; so they do not encourage this.
       Yet you will get smarter with your inner self, and this relationship helps you grow patience and  inner peace that teaches compassion and respect for others. It is in that relationship that you gain energy to survive and feed your energy body (essential self). Little by little you will have less need to create chaos, or anger episodes that feed you energy body. You see anger in any form is what it is to get energy from a physical point, meaning you have not acquired the skills to gain it for yourself, through inner work. Anger can feed you for days, because when others think of the episode they are relinquishing there energy in the form of thought filled emotions, to you.
I know people that are still working in this mode, ok, a lot of people. But I see that I have grown through it and no longer feed them with my thoughts. Many of these people use the excuse that they black out or can not control there actions, and they can't. This pattern is so ingrained that it happens at such a pace they do not see the reality of there actions. Now I must say that people that know they hurt others and continue to do it are, energetically asking to be left. This is the energy the universe is calling all of us to deny, or to look elsewhere so it can transform form the abusers pain of abandonment. Pain of your actions is what the inner energy uses to heal you, and it is a conscious persons responsibility to gently and lovingly leave these people to there life until they learn new patters of relating to us. I am not saying to be angry with them, that is the same form of emotional abuse they use. I am saying that you can check on them and say I love you, then go. When they try to be angry, say I love you and walk away. they will soon see that you are not going to stand there and listen to them. You will soon become calm through these processes also.
The strongest point I can make is to develop your inner relationship, it will give you the patience to handle these and all situations in life. It will open your eyes to how you add to the situations and prevent you from doing the same to others. The best part is that we come to acquire our own energy the way we should acquire it; through our own self, that is real and lasting energy that can change the world.

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