Monday, June 27, 2011

Lasting Relationships

I recently met a beautiful couple that was so in love, even after years of life trauma. It is so rare to see people that have grown together in life; one is always touched by them. I have thought about them so much over the past few weeks. I also have wanted nothing more that to have such a relationship in my life; even though I will not ever have that. I am twice divorced. it got me thinking though, what makes you the kind of person that would not just live together, but thrive together.
Faith is the deciding factor. I am not talking about ordinary faith; but the kind that says, 'no matter what transpires; I love you, and you love me'. This life does not have a lot of room for that kind of unwavering faith. You as a person have to have you on the energy of the love above all else in this world. Through years of ups and downs, hurt feelings, death and ordinary disappointments; faith in the love that binds them.
You have to have the ability to empower each other at what might seem you own expense. You have to overlook a lot of what others take offence to. But in the end you come out with this perfectly nurtured love. I will tell you these too shine with this love! You can see that it has been what nurtured them through all of life together. They nurturing the love and the love nurturing them back. Amazing how the circle of love, or energy of life, works for us.
I know I have seen this love only two times in my life. Once as a child, and I strive to understand it and wanted to learn to live it. I know I am living it and teaching it to my kids; and that I may not have it with a partner, but I know I have it with my kids. I see that my efforts to understand have paid off in that the next generation will be better off for my faith in this love; because of my efforts in building lasting relationships with my kids.

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