Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Generosity / Charity

I am glad the world is getting back to generosity. It is in generosity that we touch the true spirit of others and transform our spiritual lives in the process. I see that for a while we have been doing charity, and charity is nice but at the end of the day, you do not grow. Charity is the stuff that makes you feel good because you have helped another and you look and feel good for the exchange. It is something that you go to bed at night, saying I am glad I did a good deed, and now I can get on with my life.
Generosity is the act of extending your self in a way that you transform another, not at the expense of yourself, but at the sacrifice of part of you. This part of you can be your thoughts, it can be giving something you have, or time. Yet it requires an emotional investment and the possibility of a risk of some kind. The risk I refer to is that we may have to endure it lasting longer, or being harder than we think. Most of these opportunities of generosity are ways we grow the most, in learning our boundaries and the depth that we can touch an others lives, they are the transformational choices we make the help others see there own value.
We are in awe of those that do great generous acts, yet we some who think we cant preform them ourselves. We do not have the money or time. That is, we have the underlying belief that if we help others we will loose something we need; time or money. The truth is that people that serve others in this way know that they get back all invested, yet they are humble enough to know the true message of servitude is in emanating to the person you are helping a sense of equality. It this underlying intention we all stay humble, and honer that energy that all is one. That same energy is what brings back, or replaces what you gave, in abundance of what we gave in the first place. Your intention is the energy of magnetic attraction. To use it and practice it through generosity is what helps our spirits grow so rapidly.
Generosity is, or can be preformed in all you do. You can be generous in pouring a cup of tea, coffee, or making a meal. It comes in the morning routine with your family, the choice to overlook and show the people you live with that the small things don't make them bad people. Your choice for generosity is something you can do without money, time or any resources. It is in the choice to transform your thinking, to focusing on your ability, to make a difference in every moment of your day.
You can be as big at heart as any you see on TV, all you have to do is start with one thought at a time. You inner energy will do the rest, soon your life will be as big and as important as the lives of the people you see on TV..

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