Thursday, June 16, 2011


When you think of something it starts the seed of reality. Talking about it and then having someone else believe in it makes it grow. This is how the world starts and finishes anything. If you talk about it and then it fades away, others, and your self have 'turned the other cheek,' as they say, and it dies. The reality of it fades. 
My daughter texted me in the night last night, she was in a panic and angry that some of her old friends were bulling her. When this happens, and any other thing that is in just, remember were you are. People do theses kinds of things to get attention and if you are feeling like it is true, but it was in just they others talk about you; it becomes real. You are the second person that makes what was said a reality, or you can drop it and it dies. These girls said she was a charity case, and this may have weighed on my daughter because of our recent hardship. Yet the reality is that she is not from a poor family, we have experienced a poor life this year, but over all we have had a great life. All parents say no to there kids, I have said yes a lot more that some parents; with a lot less to give. She has not and is not a child of a poor family. This is a reality that she can easily over look and know that she is a strong person inside and does have a great group of friends beyond these other girls. I reminded her of this. She is with her friends and is safely away from theses other girls and there reality; she saw the truth in this and moved on. That reality then died the death it deserved.
There is also another reality here, these girls were shunned on a level and did not like my daughter moving on. She had unfriended them on Face book. I will say that there are people in this world that test the reality of our decisions, or our dedication to them. When you energetically move on there will be others that challenge that. Others do not like it when we move on, moving on is a threat to there ego. They will energetically find ways to undermined our decisions, this is were our persecution and resolve set in. We have a choice at this point to follow our inner self direction or believe in the reality that others create for us. Energy itself does not care what you choose, if you are strong in your inner energy you will believe in your own direction and then live in the happiness of that. If you are not sure of that inner relationship you will create, again with the people that are persecuting you. You will go back to there reality and have to learn the lesson until you can disconnect from that reality setting.
All these energy patterns are here to help you develop your inner self. They are nothing but patterns, that the other people are acting out. The patterns test us and teach us to grow spiritually. Sitting with you inner self and felling that relationship will grow the patience you need to see these patterns and learn from them, instead of being offended by them. So create your reality with your inner self and know with all your heart that as it develops in this world others will see it and know it as truth. Leave the others behind, they are here to test your relationship with reality. What you think is your only reality.

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