Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Path

The worst things in your life are meant to send you on a path of higher living. Each of us has things that happen and we say, "Why me?".  The truth is that they are the things that are supposed to set us on a course to living a life on the inside. We will never be able to understand the events of our lives according to  our logic in this world, but tragedy is set up to make us vulnerable enough we remember how it feels to feel bad. Then from an inner energy perspective we need to use that knowledge to relate to others.
This world is about learning to serve others, in some way that helps the world be a better place. Even when we can't get out of a lower kind of giving we can hone our inner self to giving on this level with kindness and respect. All of us have something we are good at, to learn to give with a blessing in our hearts is to change the world.
At some point this leads to understand in that what ever we give has the power to transform the world no matter what it looks like on the outside. Even if the other person can not say thank you or does not even understand how there life has changed; you know that it has made a difference. This is the true path if living through your inner energy. It is the ability to know that in all we do there is the power to help others.
The reality is that all we do either helps another or hurts them; in the end we all have the ability to learn from the pain, or love, others inflict. Yet it is in your path that the transformation needs to take place; so it should be you that is in the knowing that all is transformed through you. Our highest potential in life is living through this knowledge, and your own path is the only one that can change the world you live in.

So as my daughter loves to say, and Nike; just do it!

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