Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spoken Word

My favorite radio station is doing a "say 5 nice things, about someone" day. I like this idea. It is in keeping with the energy that all things grow. What you think and then say is always the stuff that grows.
Being or becoming mindful of the thing's that we say is so important in the energy world. There was a time that I would talk endlessly about the injustices in my life. Looking back, it only brought me and the people listening down. All words have energetic power, and if you speak them they are going into the air and all those around you, and to those that you are talking  about! Energy is some thing we feel but do not acknowledge because we would have to behave differently if we lived by it.
It is very real though and it is what creates the world we live in. Every thing we say has the power to help something or hurt it. There is no in between. Life, energy is moving at all times and the only thing that does not change is this energy. All the things we talk about have the ability to change, because they are of this world. Energy does not change so use the unchangeable to change what can!
It is a long road to living by this concept, unless you have a spontaneous awakening, but you will be a better person for the path of understanding. Slowing down to understand how energy feels before we talk is one of the steps to success. So think and say five nice things about everyone you know today, it will create happiness for the day.

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