Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I moved to this part of the world to be with family, one assumes that family is the connection that you learn from and grow, and that helps you out of love. What I did not for see is that love is defined by others and many other ways. Let me expound on that. Family is what we grow with and they have the same value systems; now I will admit my mom has a different value system. Yet over the years I have talked to her and she has agreed with my thoughts and been supportive and loving, so I assumed that would continue when I move to her home. What I did not bargain for was that her value system would prevent her from being the loving person that she was the other 22 years that I was learning a new value system.
In the end I can say, that I would shout it from the mountain tops, I love you mom! I am grateful for her love, the way she can show it, has been limiting and painful, yet I have grown so much from that small love. You see energy gives you what you need not what you want, I needed to see that love, as limiting and as painful as it was on some levels as love from the energy world. I had to see and feel that as enough to open my heart to loving all, excepting all as it is in the bigger plan. With out this lesson I could not love to this capacity, or see the world as the loving place it truly is, a gift from the energy that keeps us all breathing and alive.
So sit with the pain that family dishes out, it is the miracle that heals us all. I am happy to report that I am moving on and I feel that same energy is me; that I have come to par with my calling in life. My life will now be the vision that I have strived for and wished it to be. I will have the same ups and downs, yet I will act different, and even appreciate the world for the true miracle it is.

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