Monday, June 13, 2011

Love is a Verb

I have a t-shirt that says this. I always understood that it is an action that we all have to choose to take. Yet, the depths that we need to take it to in order to transform our lives goes well beyond a cute t-shirt.
We all come in this world with energy that is meant to transform the world, and us. Love is this energy. Love is not the self centered way we feel about someone in our lives. It is that deep profound energy that runs through us and creates life itself. Love itself can come in the form of acceptance, quiet contemplation, devotion, and a great joy. The truth is that it is you. We all come here not realizing that we are that energy and that our lives contain the acting out that is supposed to reveal this to us.
This whole process takes quiet dedication, and is measured in every little act we preform, or every thought that causes the action. As you weave the treads of dedication of intention to love, you start to feel yourself as that love. Love being an action is the energy that creates and sustains the world. We act this out in everything we do; I mean everything! From breathing to sleeping, to our blood flowing; our bodies are replicating something in the world or universe that is modeled on our little existence.
When we give up the need, want and desire to control our lives, we see that we are that love, acting out the bigger world that needs love. We become that love, emanating, healing and devoted to all that passes through our lives and mind.

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