Friday, July 1, 2011

Waking Up

If you want to start to wake up to energy, to dissipate your old thoughts; fast, go volunteer. I am talking to help others that are dying, in nursing homes. I will have to add, do not talk to the people around you. If you do, you will get caught up in the physical part of life, believing that it is the reality of what is happening in the world.
Go someplace and do the worst of jobs, clean bed pans and take out trash. Be kind to all that pass you, and when they do not appreciate you, go home and cry. Know that this is the fastest way to a dialogue with your inner self, oh wait, you do not have to volunteer; you already live this life.
Yes the fastest way to waking up to your inner self is to force yourself to do all this with love, reserve and all judgment. Use you thoughts to understand you are doing all this to transform your world, forget how it all looks. Pretend that everything that is happening is not staying, it is changing; because it is.
Cry a lot, crying loosens you old thought patterns. When you are tired and give up on how things are going; that is when your inner energy can make change. Waking to your inner self shows you how much of life you were missing. You start to see that all your judgment and wants got in the way of seeing how life really was. How much you really wanted others to appreciate you, waking up teaches you that you appreciate yourself; then you see how much you did not appreciate those around you. Now you can though, being wake is to understand our own selves in this energy world. To see all the ways we did not engage; and blamed others for the short coming.
The awake state, is to understand that it does not matter what anyone else does; it only matters how much grace, or energy you, yourself, can bring to the moment you are in. As the song goes, "Wake up, Wake up! Everybody up! Everybody Up!".

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