Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Friends

I have moved back to the place I belong, and instantly made a new friend. Cosmic; that I was in one place for a year and could not make one friend, then move and make one in two weeks. There is the energy of belonging in that.  
My thoughts are about rooting; or feeling of being and doing the right thing. My friend moves a lot, they travel in a camper and go were there is work. Kinda like a modern day Gypsy, but that is sweet; that she chooses to support her spouse and travel with him. The energy of true love, and it is returned in his actions too, he genuinely likes her company and is devoted to her.
Well the story is about rooting; she is some times restless to settle down and have a community to be involved in and family around. They connected at a church in their home town before they left and miss it very much. The reality of this is that what you do in a home town is what you will do on the road. Most people do not see this because they are looking for it to look a certain way; but they are living the love they learned at church. That very energy sends them people to commune with and care for in the same manor that they would at home.
They both are very generous people and give to others. She has offered to help me and that offer is the energy of love you learn about in a church and want to practice. Just her quiet manor of affection and devotion to those around her is the truth that you learn and read about.
Understanding how and were God works in your life is part of intention that makes your life filled with the meaning that we all crave. We do not have to go some place or do what others do to be a great citizens and show our devotion to God thought those choices.  I say they are great people and that the energy of there life is that it is a unique opportunity to show others the love of God through there personal relationship and how they interact with the new people that they meet. That is the great gift they have been given to witness there devotion to God. The energy that runs through us is the gift that God wants us to live out; being a witness to Himself; or the energy of creation itself.
So thank you for being my friend, acting out the affection that God has for me. Thank you for choosing to be that energy for this world, you are a great person. I am blessed for the time you have and will be in my life and that is all that God wants for us all.

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