Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Mistakes

In the energy world there are no mistakes. We live lives that fit into the levels of energy that we are at and the levels of energy that others are at and the pain we inflict is the pain needed to heal ourselves and those around us. Even the collective pain is the pain of healing needed to transform and heal the world until some day we live in harmony and peace with all those around us.
You do not have to believe me in all this but is is true and has been taught by all great masters in all of time. Energy is the very thing that makes us and the very thing that inspires us in all that we do. We have free will and in the split second we take to decide to act differently, we grow.
Let me explain. I will use a child abuser as an example. We come into this world with energy that we need to act out, this energy is the energy that is here to heal ourselves and those around us. So the person that is an abuser grows up abused, learns to abuse, then continues to abuse on their kids. But evolution has a point of time that says we, the people, need to learn from this.
If the abuser can not stop in the split second that it takes to choose differently, they will keep on abusing until some one stops them in some life transforming way, or they will die; in an angry way, like heart attack, etc.
All the energy around them is no mistake. They are here to teach the abused not to act that way, yet many of us never learn from the pain and continue to abuse; because we like the power it gives us. There are so many layers of this pain that it is hard for a person to see it all or over come it on there own. You need one of two things, and ultimately one thing. The first and most important is you need the energy within you to heal you, teach you to stop. If you can not allow the energy with in you to help; or do not see the value in that . You will be stopped with a person in a tragedy exchange that makes you slow down enough to stop; or seek help, admitting you need help. When you admit you need help the energy with in you has the opening that it needs to help you.
What I am saying is that all is the energy within you, either the energy that abuses or the energy to empower others. There are no mistakes, the energy works through us in some way no matter. Your free will comes in the fact that we have the ability to see that we hurt others and can choose to let the energy work in a loving way instead of hurting. No mistakes, just bad choices. Either way you are a child of the creative energy within you, a product of energy that can live up to greatest hights in love, or pain; but no mistakes.

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