Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eyes of Grace

You have a choice in life, the only real choice that will heal; is to see everything through grace.
Your choice to see all events as love for within you, or not. Yet the only way to heal, help, change or transform; is to take your power to see through the grace of this world and act on it guidance.
Yes you are the only being that can, at this moment, choose to act, see, change and maneuver this world through your choice of seeing and acting through the grace that ruins through you in the form of energy at every moment of your life.
We can see how hardened our lives have become, we avoid helping others for fear that we may be put out in some way. we over look things for fear that we may suffer that demise if we help too much. We x out our desire to help others in a benevolent way because it take too much effort.
Yet our spirit calls to every moment to help in some way, even if it is the smallest way. To see a child in a new light, gives them hope that they are a good person. To smile at a stranger helps them feel worthy, to cook a meal is to show support for your fellow man. Every thing we do can be done with an energy of support and love, and all those around us now our intentions in some way.
Grace, when lived through will support you and love you enough to make all of life worth while. You will no longer look for or want any approval or acceptance for others. You will see that all that matters is if you live through this and honer it with all your heart.
When I started on this path I wanted to know this, live it and feel it. Now I see this way and love it this way and would never live any other way. I feel like I am filling my porpoise in life to live through the eyes of grace; healing the world, one moment at a time.

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